Leio Ohshima McLaren

Code Today, Change Tomorrow!   Keynote 1

Dr Tim Kitchen

'Creativity & Professional Learning to Lead Change in Education’ Keynote 2

From an industrial society to a knowledge based society and now to a creative society. This presentation challenges teachers and school administrators to keep up with societies changes or risk being irrelevant in the 21st Century. Numeracy and literacy skills are important but not at the expense of creativity, collaboration and communication skills. The role of the 21st century teacher is not to self-deliver content but to facilitate the understanding of key concepts and skills, cater for a range of learning styles and encourage the use of a range of tools that interconnect to help students construct learning and be creative.
Sir Ken Robinson says, “Creativity for me is not an option, it is an absolute necessity.” This presentation looks at some of the research surrounding the importance of creativity in education and provides samples of creativity being taught well in primary and secondary school using 21st Century industry standard tools.
George Siemens says that technology has reorganized how we live, how we communicate, and how we learn and learning needs and theories should be reflective of these underlying social environments. This presentation provides practical examples of connectionism in action through creative and effective professional learning models both online and face-to-face.

Nathan Jones

Provoking Learning: Take the Next Step with the iDevice Keynote 3

Chris Betcher

226 Lessons in the Creative Process   Keynote 4

Workshops and Presentations

10 Ways to Enhance Teaching and Learning Using the Scootle Suite with Leigh Murphy Session 3
Scootle is a content discovery portal containing more than 20,000 teaching resources which are aligned to the Australian Curriculum. The portal includes features that support teachers to organise digital content they find relevant and useful and build their own learning path collections and design interactive collaborative activities for their students. The workshop will demonstrate how the use of an effective workflow utilising the Scootle repository, Scootle Community and Improve can help teachers to find, design and share engaging Australian curriculum focused lessons or units of work in very time effective means.

40 in 40 with Jack Lawicki Session 1
Sifting through the crAPP. Good Apps. Bad Apps. Who gives an app? Don't get bogged down searching for and testing poor quality apps or websites. This session will be a blast of the top 40 EdTech Things in 40 minutes. Jack will share a range of high quality apps, websites, resources and educational technologies that you can apply to your life, classroom, teaching, planning and workflow. Straight from ISTE2014. Attendees will take away a long list of practical resources and ways to have themselves and their students create, connect, collaborate and work effectively using technology.

Assessment Apps and Using Them for Planning and Student Feedback with Nathan Jones Sessions 1,2 and 3
The session also covers: incorporating Apps such as Evernote, Nearpod, ShowMe and Socrative to determine student engagement and progress; analysing, recording and maintaining Assessment For Learning and feeding this back to students. This session will examine the use of an iPad as an assessment tool and how certain assessment apps can guide and produce formal student feedback. The session will examine how these apps can assist in teaching and learning for a variety of key learning areas. The session also covers: incorporating Apps such as Evernote, Nearpod, ShowMe and Socrative to determine student engagement and progress; analysing, recording and maintaining Assessment For Learning and feeding this back to students.

Blogging for the Classroom Teacher with Stef George          Session 1
In this presentation you will learn about the benefits of educational blogging for primary students. Stefanie will explain how she got started with her blog using the blogging platform “Blogger”. Stefanie will explain how she integrates blogging into her curriculum. This session will be very practical and you will leave this session filled with inspiration and knowledge to begin your own class blog.

Come Fly With Me. Let's Fly Away!! with Aaron Cox        Session 2
Join Aaron on his school's journey to implement a cost effective innovative quad-copter learning program that engages students across many domains using quad-copters to inspire students to learn through video recording, flight, Google Maps and even some very basic coding. The applications are endless for schools, students and staff. Get the background research information gathered by Aaron, learn how student interest was gauged to progress with the program, course development costs involved, learn why a certain quad-copter was chosen over all the others in the market, what are the legal requirements to fly these devices and explore some of the applications for the Australian Curriculum.

Compelling Storytelling Just Got Easier with Dr Tim Kitchen Session 2
The new free storytelling app from Adobe called ‘Adobe Voice’ is a new animated video app for the iPad that gives anyone the ability to create and share engaging stories. An ideal app for educators and students who value simple tools that make it easy to teach, to learn and to express creativity – and it’s free on the Apple App Store.

Driving Google Forms with Andy Williams Session 2
Having used Google Forms in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program, and in the classroom, Andy will show you how to create a form, discuss some of the diverse uses and workshop ideas in this interactive session. He will also show you how to extract responses in forms.

Flip Your Classroom with Adobe Presenter (free for Macs) with Dr Tim Kitchen Session 3
Capture your screen, your voice & your webcam image and produce a quality video to help flip your classroom without bending any video editing skills.
Adobe Presenter is the simplest way to create a quality video presentation and flip the classroom. It allows users to convert PowerPoint slides into interactive online presentations, create engaging drag and drop interactions and build effective eLearning modules that can be tracked for progress and analysed for effectiveness. Adobe Presenter and Adobe Presenter Video Express (the free Mac version) enables screen capture, web-cam recording and & audio capture to help record and publish quality teaching and learning sessions.

Going Global Virtually® with Anna Danson  Session 3
Join Anna Danson to learn ideas to ignite a drive towards transforming the teaching & learning landscape at your school. Anna will share examples of how students are “Going Global Virtually with their learning. *Note: Only teachers with innovative and creative minds who embrace change should attend this session.

Ignite, Innovate and Integrate with eSmart Schools with Michelle Webster Session 1
Hear practical examples of how eSmart schools around Australia are working through The Alannah and Madeline Foundation’s eSmart Schools behaviour change program to ignite the passion of staff, students and families to embrace the benefits of technology, have the confidence to be innovative with it and to seamlessly integrate it into the whole school community whilst ensuring all users are smart, safe and responsible online.

 iPad Digital Excellence Across the Curriculum with Dr John Ingram       Session 2 and 3
Dr. John will share how iPads and 21st Century technology can be used as practical tools for helping children achieve Digital Excellence Awards in your school. Digital Excellence is an online integrated approach where learners, teachers and parents can share and negotiate learning and teaching goals. Digital Excellence provides clear inquiry linked targets, thinking skill strategies and assessment to Ausvels based on app’s. School’s using iPads, tablets or laptops across the world use the Digital Excellence structure as the backbone of their digital curriculum.  Creating children as resident digital experts, peer tutors and collaborators.

iPads: Pedagogy, Planning & Practice with Mark Richardson Session 3
Using the iPad in schools has revolutionised many classrooms. So how do you make the iPad an effective tools for the teaching and learning? What pedagogies can underpin iPad usage? What are the classroom management issues? How do you select and use great apps? How do plan for, teach and assess great lessons in the iPad classroom?

Mapping with Google Tools with Chris Betcher Session 1
In this session we will investigate two of Google's geo mapping tools; Maps Engine Lite, and Google Earth. We'll check out Google's relatively new Maps Engine Lite, find or create data sets and import them onto the map, then look at that geo data in different ways. We will also create a user-generated map. We'll then dive into Google Earth and discover its many features for exploring the world, looking at the overlay layers, adding custom pins and areas, balloon information, flyover tours, etc. Participants will need a computer with Chrome and Google Earth if they want to play along.
Requirements: Participants will need a computer with Chrome and Google Earth if they want to play along.

Moving Work / Data Transfer to and from Your Class iPads with Richard Gynes     Session 2

Transferring work between iPads can be problematic - there are many ways to do it and not all ways work in every situation.This session will provide some methods for you to work with. It is a practical session - iPads and laptops are provided.

Moving work / data transfer to and from your class iPads
  • email
  • USB
  • Airdrop
  • iTunes
  • Drop box and the like 
  • FileExplorer and the like

Managing iPads - Configurator and Other Tools with Richard Gynes     Session 3

Managing Pads can be problematic for teachers.  

  • Volume Purchasing Programme
  • Installing Apps
  • Updating Apps
  • Retaining Ownership of Apps

Prepare Your Teacher’s iPad for Safe Classroom Use & Other iPad Teaching Tips with Richard Gynes     Session 1

  • - Search configuration
  • - Safe Search in Safari
  • - Using Reading List, bookmarks and webclips
  • - Apple IDs
  • - about iCloud; pitfalls and perfection
  • - Guided Access
  • - Apple more tips and tricks

Scootle Community: Belong, Connect, Reflect with Leigh Murphy Session 2
Scootle Community is an online professional learning network for all Australian educators from Pre-service teachers through to Principals. It's a space of our own to collaborate, ask question and connect with networks of likeminded professionals who share similar educational interests or curriculum focus. Scootle Community features a number of professional learning tools and efficient search functionality to enable time poor educators the ability to quickly and easily find relevant and useful discussions, members, networks, events and a mass of teaching and learning content aligned to the Australian Curriculum. Join Scootle Community Project Manager, Leigh Murphy for a look at the ways to enhance and broaden your professional learning and networking tailored to your interests at times that suit you.

Screen It with Vincent Trundle Sessions 1 and 2
ACMI’s Screen It competition is in its tenth year of encouraging and recognising students’ moving image literacy. The competition calls on students to express themselves through the medium so familiar to them, live action film, animation, and games, in line with a yearly theme. 2014’s theme is ‘Reflection’ and the dedicated teachers kit offers support and direction to teachers to take their students through this creation journey. In this presentation Vincent will explore the rich curriculum opportunities in utilising the Screen It competition with your students in the classroom.

So You Think You Can Search with Chris Betcher Session 2
We all go to Google when we need to find information or look up a fact, but how good are you really at using this amazing tool? In this session we will learn to access information, locate timely research, and find resources using a wide range of Google's search technologies, including Websearch, Books, Scholar, News, Alerts & more. You will learn a whole lot of inside tips for searching the web that both you and your students will benefit from. Participants will need a computer with Chrome.
Requirements: Participants will need a computer with Chrome

Splash with Daniel Hughes Sessions 1 and 3
This presentation explores ways that the ABC’s education website, Splash, supports the use of ICTs in teaching and learning programs. ABC Splash is a dynamic website that features video and audio resources from the ABCs archives, along with interactive learning games, teacher resources and thematically-organised collections, all of which have been selected, edited and annotated to support the Australian Curriculum. Visit Splash at

Students Innately Creative Problem Solvers with Leio Ohshima McLaren Session 2
Leio will guide you through activities that introduce you to coding and teach you how to implement them into your classroom for 21st century learners. A more detailed description will be made available later but don't miss this opportunity to see this wonder young man.
Item: laptop, (preferably Mac but not required)
Teaching Kids To Think Using Scratch with Chris Betcher Session 3
Scratch is an amazingly powerful, yet simple to use, programming language for young students. It brings together mathematical ideas, computational thinking, art, and design, as well as creative and logical problem solving. It engages students in higher order thinking in a cleverly structured and fun to use environment. It has applications in just about every curriculum area, and can be used with children as young as kindergarten, right though to high school.
In this session will look at the basics of Scratch, quickly get you up to speed with its key ideas and get you creating simple programs and games that might surprise you. Participants will need a computer with Chrome.
Requirements: Participants will need a computer with Chrome

What Do You Mean That There is a New Technology Curriculum Next Year? with Mark Richardson Session 1
The new AusVELS technologies curriculum will be taught and assessed in schools from 2015. What’s it all about? How is it different from ICT? What resources will there be for teachers? What are some of the issues for implementation?

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